Hazards Applicable Ability
Warps Null Warp
Damage Walls Null Damage Wall
Homing Absorbers

Video Walkthrough

Overall Strategy

Stack Wood NDW + NW Monsters
This dungeon is very warp heavy with some damage walls. Prioritize NW monsters to deal damage to the mobs and boss. Damage walls are fixed to the left and right walls so NDW is optional.

Lots of Mobs
Bring high damaging bump combos for mob clear.

Viable Monsters

S Rank Reason
Gabriel (Evolution)
- Bounce, NDW
- Blast type Chain Lightning for mob clear.
Valkyrie (Transcension)
- Bounce, NDW + NW
- Tag Laser + Wave for mob clearing and damage
Eclipse (Transcension)
- Bounce, NDW + NW
- All Enemy Lockon Shockwave for mob clearing
- Damage Wall Bouncing SS for massive damage to boss
A Rank Reason
Belphegor (Ascension)
- Bounce, NW + Water Slayer
- Slayer for the entire dungeon
- Be careful of damage walls
Persephone (Evolution)
- Bounce, NW
- Energy Burst 4 for mob clear and damage
- Motivational Command SS for huge damage
Aladdin (Transcension)
- Bounce, NDW + NW
- Big Bomb for mob clear and support
- Short cooldown Counter SS
- Bounce, NDW + NW
- Chain Lightning for mob clear
Siegfried (Transcension)
- Bounce, NDW + NW / Dragon Slayer
- Twin Oneway Laser for damage
- Short cooldown SS that returns him to starting position
B Rank Reason
Benkei (Ascension)
- Bounce, NW
- Wall Bouncing SS
- EX Laser for mob clear and damage
Ibaraki Doji (Ascension)
- Bounce, NDW
- Homing Pierce-struction for damage
- Blast Bump for support
Gabriel (Ascension)
- Pierce, NW
- Poison Meteor SS
Lucifer (Ascension)
- Bounce, NDW
- Barrier to mitigate damage
- Blast type Energy Circle for damage
- Motivational Command SS

1st Stage - Stall for Strike Shot

Water Carnage 1

Progression Order
1. Defeat everything but the warp generators
2. Stall for Strike Shots
3. Move on

Focus the damaging mobs and leave up the war generators to stall for strike shots.

2nd Stage - Take a Break

Water Carnage 2

Progression Order
1. (Optional) Leave knights alone
2. Clear mobs

Similar to the previous stage, focus the damaging mobs first. The knights generate warps so leave them alone if you need to stall.


Water Carnage Invasion

Progression Order
1. Clears mobs as they are summoned.
2. Clear mini boss.

The mini boss will summon mobs every 4 turns; clear them to avoid taking heavy damage.

Boss' Attack Pattern

Water Carnage Boss
Placement Attack
Top Left
(1 Turn, 3 After)
Energy Circle
~4500 per hit
Top Right
(11 Turns)
~40000 total
Bottom Left
(5 Turns)
Spread Shot
~4500 per row
Bottom Right
(2 Turns)
~5500 per hit

1st Boss Stage - Mob Clear

Water Carnage Boss1

Geladine's HP: 1.7 million
Progression Order
1. Defeat the fire mobs.
2. Defeat the the rest.
3. Defeat Geladine.

The mech birds and gunmen deal a lot of damage so focus them first. Mob density is high.

2nd Boss Stage - Mob Clear

Water Carnage Boss2

Geladine's HP: 2.5 million
Progression Order
1. Use maximum one mob clearing SS.
2. Clean up.
3. Defeat Geladine.

High mob density again. Use a command of multi-target SS of some kind. Clear Geladine and move on to the final stage.

3rd Boss Stage - Strike Shot to Victory

Water Carnage Boss3

Geladine's HP: 4.0 million
Progression Order
1. Clear mobs.
2. Strike shot Jabbanero into oblivion.

Pretty self explanatory. Clear the mobs first to move around easier. Command SS works really well here.

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