Material For

1824 Kamaitachi


Hazards Applicable Ability
Gravity Barriers Null Gravity Barrier
Bounce Obstructors -
Laser Barriers -
Blocks Null Block

Overall Strategy

Need All Pierce Monsters

There is a ton of Bounce Obstructors in the dungeon. You need a full team of Pierce monsters to move around the dungeon.

Have Some Null Gravity Barrier Monsters

The Bounce Obstructors will shoot Gravity Barriers around enemies. In case you cannot defeat all the Obstructors in time, you would want some NGB monsters to move through the Gravity Barriers.

Underworld Lineage
Hatcher Azazel | Gremlynn | Mammon | Succubus | Moloch
Drop Umbrellops | Fickle Kid | Namahage | Signal Man | Kamaitachi
Dungeons Boo! A Ghostly Tale | Motivation Down the Drain | Ogre in the Hills | The Traffic Hero We Need | Harness the Runaway Wind

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