Bach Transcension


Release Date: 7/24 3PM
Type: Balanced
Sling: Bounce
Ability: Demonsbane / Nebulan Slayer
Gauge:Null Warp / Light Slayer
SS: On each enemy rebound, attacks outward with pass-through bullets.
Bump: Shotgun
Sub: Spread Pierce-struction XL5

Materials: Green Gem (3) + Dark Gem (2)

Limited Striker Bonus Mission


Time: 7/25 12PM - 8/7 3:59AM

Players will be able to gain Orbs by playing with Strikers for the very first time.

On your 10th and 20th First Striker Bonus, players will get a Berry Can. Logging in during the promotion time will also give players a Berry Can.


Berry Cans will grow an Ableberry by 1 Rank (Ex: S to S+ or A++ to S)


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