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Evolution Aesop (Water ★6)


Type: Balanced
Sling: Bounce
Ability: Null Damage Wall / Null Wind
SS: Increases strength on contact with Damage Walls.
Bump: Poison Spread-struction 16

Ascension Goethe (Light ★6)


Type: Blast
Sling: Pierce
Ability: Null Gravity Barrier
Gauge: Null Block
SS: Increases Strength, and draws your teammates.
Bump: Spread Pierce-strtruction XL3
Sub: Wave

Ascension Murasaki Shikibu (Dark ★6)

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Type: Power
Sling: Pierce
Ability: Mine Sweeper M
Gauge: Light Slayer
SS: Attacks enemies on contact with a poison shower.
Bump: ATK Up
Sub: Speed Up S

Extreme Monsters - Ralien (Wood ★6) & Mr. Teruteru (Water ★6)


Lethal Monster - June (Dark ★6)



New Impossible - Brutus (Wood ★6)


Time: 6/16 8PM - 10PM

New Transcension - Margarite


Type: Balanced
Sling: Bounce
Ability: Null Wind / Null Block
Gauge: Null Gravity Barrier
SS: Uses water spirit power to reveal all a boss's weak points on contact.
Bump: Twin Vertical Laser XL
Sub: Vertical Laser L

Next Monster Strike News will be on Friday June 16, 2017 at 3PM JST

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