New Transcension - Prince Ribbitz


Type: Balanced
Sling: Bounce
Ability: Water Resistance / Laser Stop
Gauge: Null Gravity Barrier
SS (4+12): Passes through enemies while attacking.
Bump: Energy Blast
Sub: DEF up

Pirates of the Caribbean Collaboration


Time: 6/23 12PM ~

Get Black Sharls from the Ghost Shark Dungeon to roll in a special Hatcher!


Quest Time: 6/23 - 7/10 11:59am
Black Sharl Hatcher: 6/23 - 7/12 11:59pm

Black Sharl Hatcher Monsters

Jack Sparrow (Light 6★)


Type: Balanced
Sling: Bounce
Ability: Mine Sweeper / Null Wind
Gauge: Strike Shot Reducer
SS: Increases Speed and an useful item will appear during the strike shot only.
Bump: Rebound Ex Laser L

Will Turner (Wood 6★)


Type: Speed
Sling: Pierce
Ability: Null Damage Wall
Gauge: Recovery S
SS: Increases Speed and Strength & nullifies block.
Bump: Cross Laser L

Barbarossa (Dark 6★)


Type: Balanced
Sling: Bounce
Ability: Light Resistance
Gauge: Null Gravity Barrier
SS: Attacks enemies on contact with a meteor shower.
Bump: Giga Blast

Henry (Fire 5★) & Carina (Water 5★)


Extreme Descend Monster - Salazar


Gold and Silver Jacks


Gold and Silver Jacks have a chance of dropping from the Black Sharl Hatcher. If you max level either 1 Gold Jack or 5 Silver Jacks, players will clear missions for:

  • 2 Divine Sharls
  • 2 Dragon Gems of each Element
  • 5 Maxpies of each Element
  • 5 of each Morling X

Roll More For More Prizes!


Depending on the number of times the Black Sharl Hatcher has been rolled, players will receive:

  • 100 Million: 10 Black Sharls + 1 Stamina Can
  • 300 Million: 10 Black Sharls + 1 Divine Sharl
  • 500 Million: 10 Black Sharls + 1 Orb

12 Zodiac Race (With a Cat)

T4cEFynAW7wM20170614 1a

There will be a real race against the 12 Zodiac animals and a cat!

Cast Your Vote!

You can use up to 5 Free Orbs to vote for who will be #1!

People who bet for the 1st Place Animal will get 10x the Orbs they bet on. Also per each Orb used in betting, players will receive 2 Stamina Cans automatically!

Time of Free Orbs: 6/23 4AM - 6/29 3:59AM (you will receive it when you login and you will only receive 5 Free Orbs once)

Voting Time: 6/23 4AM - 6/29 3:59AM (you can only bet once and cannot make any changes afterwards)


  • You can only bet up to 5 Orbs
  • There are Free Orbs and Paid Orbs. When using Orbs for stamina refill, hatcher, or continues, the game will automatically use Free Orbs first. Be careful since you cannot use Paid Orbs to bet
  • Predicting 1st or 2nd will net you something from a prize pool worth 300 million yen.

How to Vote

#1: There will be a special icon once betting starts.

T4cEFynAW7wM20170614 1b

#2: Choose the 2 animals who you will think will be 1st and 2nd as well as the number of Orbs you will bet.

T4cEFynAW7wM20170614 1c

#3: Tap the 3 Monster Code to confirm your bet. If you take too long, the monsters will change and you will have to redo the Code.

T4cEFynAW7wM20170614 1d

Race Details

Time of Live Stream: 6/29 7PM (Link:


  • 12 Zodiac Animals + 1 Cat will race in a 50m course
  • There will be fences in between the 13 lanes
  • There will be a 15 minute limit. If no Animal passes the finish line within the 15 minutes, then placing will depend on distance to the goal (nearest to farthest)

Next Monster Strike News will be on Friday June 23, 2017 at 3PM JST

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