Update 9.1 Details


Maintenance Time: 6/6 12AM - 5AM JST

#1: Use Gold Instead of Stamina to Get Into Temple of Heroes (Time Trial Only)

Gold Per Run: 5 Million

#2: Weekly Missions Change to Stamina Used Instead of Number of Clears
#3: Set Notifications Automatically For Up to 10 Monsters
  • You don't have to set notifications for a specific quest session
  • You will get notifications for every quest session for a set monster (even if they are months apart)
#4: Increased Deck Slots and Scrolling for Deck Slots

#5: Library of Memories and Badge of Honor Additions

#6: Dupe Sort Will Order in Forms

#7: Can Search For Names in Library of Memories

New Transcension - Cait Sith


Type: Balanced
Sling: Bounce
Ability: Null Damage Wall / Demihume Slayer M
Gauge: Null Block / Inner Strength
SS (12+8): Shoots a remote machine gun that sticks to a wall and attacks.
Bump: Homing Destruction 12
Sub: Homing Destruction 8

Inner Strength: When you are under a HP threshold, Cait Sith's damage with normal attacks will increase. Does not increase SS or Bump Combo damage.

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