Monster Sharl is an item that players level up for a better Hatcher. Each player gets ONE Monster Sharl every month. Players can only ROLL ONCE with the Sharl, no matter the level the Sharl is in.

Monster Sharl Levels

There are 5 Levels for the Monster Sharl:

  • Level 1 (0pts): Guarantee 4* Hatcher Monster
  • Level 2 (1500pts): Guarantee 5* Hatcher Monster
  • Level 3 (3000pts): Guarantee 5* Hatcher Monster with 1 Limited/Exclusive Monster added to the Hatcher
  • Level 4 (5000pts) Guarantee 5* Hatcher Monster with 2 Limited/Exclusive Monsters added to the Hatcher
  • Level 5 (7500pts): Guarantee 5* Hatcher Monster with 2 Limited/Exclusive Monsters and Kagutsuchi added in the Hatcher

Getting Points

There are 2 ways of getting points for the Monster Sharl:

  • Daily Login = 100pts
  • Using Stamina = 1pt per Stamina spent
    (Joining in Co-Op will get half the pts of the stamina spent by the Host)
    (If you die as Solo or Host, you will get half the pts of the stamina spent)

There is a daily cap of 300pts.

The Hatcher Pool

Any Hatcher Monster can be obtained through the Monster Sharl Hatcher. However, there are a few exceptions.

Monsters Not In Hatcher*
Collaboration or Time Limited Monsters (ex: alpha monsters)
Hatcher Monsters from the past 2 Event Series as well ones released during the month
Agnamut Striker Harley X Agnamut X Apollo X
Oda Nobunaga X Lancelot X Alice Napoleon Genghis Khan
Cleopatra Micha Raff Uri Jeanne d'Arc
Lucy Amakusa Shiro Himiko Daji Dead Rabbits Ltd.
Jekyll & Hyde D'Artagnyan Gabby Kamui Robin Hood
Noah Lyra Kiskill Nightingale Pandora Walpurgis

*Two Monsters will be picked from this list for Levels 3 and 4

Monster Sharl Exclusive - Kagutsuchi


Kagutsuchi only appears on Level 5 of the Monster Sharl Hatcher. There is no guarantee of getting him when rolling in Level 5.

Current Monster Sharl
Month Level 3 Level 4
June 2017
(6/28 - 7/29)
Past Monster Sharls
Month Level 3 Level 4
June 2017
(5/29 - 6/28)
Apollo X Napoleon
May 2017
(4/29 - 5/29)
Jekyll & Hyde Raff
April 2017
(3/30 - 4/28)
Genghis Khan Striker
March 2017
(2/27 - 3/29)
Harley X Agnamut X
February 2017
(1/30 - 2/26)
Lyra Kiskill Amakusa Shiro
January 2017
(1/1 - 1/29)
Dead Rabbits Ltd. Alice
December 2016
(11/29 - 12/31)
Oda Nobunaga X Himiko
November 2016
(10/31 - 11/28)
Micha Uri

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