JP Name - JP # 1933
Class Nebulan Element WoodIcon Gender - Rarity -
Sling Bounce Max Luck 90 Type Balanced Rating -
Ability Flight Gauge Null Damage Wall
HP 13901 (+2460) = 16361 Obtain -
ATK 10319 (+3500) = 13819 (16582 w/ Gauge)
SPD 217.07 (+76.5) = 293.57 Luck Skill - Badge
Strike Shot Orbital Wave - 20 Turns
Fires a laser in the targeted direction, then attacks with a homing shot.
Bump Combo Ex laser Ex Laser M (4735)
Attacks in a X pattern with medium-sized elemental lasers.


  • Two Null Abilities


  • Low Bump Combo damage
  • Hard to deal optimal damage with SS

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