JP Name - JP # 2360
Class Demihume Element WaterIcon Gender - Rarity -
Sling Pierce Max Luck 90 Type Speed Rating -
Ability Mine Sweeper Gauge Null Warp
HP 12600 (+2460) = 15060 Obtain -
ATK 11742 (+1150) = 12892 (15471 w/ Gauge)
SPD 351.67 (+34.85) = 386.52 Luck Skill Badge Badge slot
Strike Shot Across Spacetime - 24 Turns
Delays enemy attacks on contact for 2 turns.
Bump Combo Plasma Plasma (5063)
Connects to teammates you touch with a plasma beam to attack foes.


  • Two Null Abilities
  • Delay SS works well with her Sling
  • Her Plasma Bump Combo is top tier amongst ★5


  • Low normal attack damage

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