JP Name - JP # 2354
Class Dragon Element FireIcon Gender - Rarity -
Sling Pierce Max Luck 99 Type Balanced Rating -
Ability Flight / Null Damage Wall Gauge
HP 19369 (+3900) = 23269 Obtain -
ATK 25105 (+2450) = 27555
SPD 306.70 (+30.60) = 337.3 Luck Skill Shield Badge Badge slot
Strike Shot Back to the Beginning - 12 Turns
Bashes the first contacted enemy and sends it flying.
Bump Combo Breath Breath (29278)
Attacks nearby enemies with elemental breath.


  • Two Null Abilities
  • Short cooldown SS to position him for his powerful Bump Combo


  • Lots of replacements due to his common ability set

Viable Quests

Izanami Ball Impossibles/Colossals: Marishiten
FireIcon Fire:
WaterIcon Water:
WoodIcon Wood: Serket | Florrior | Medusa | Snowman | Siren | Kevin Verdure | Gigabeast Fighters
LightIcon Light:
DarkIcon Dark: Typera
Scroll Tower: 33F
S++ Temple: Fire (Time) | Fire (Carnage) | Wood (Time) | Wood (Carnage) | Dark (Time)

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