Anime Codes are phrases that players insert in JP Monster Strike. Codes can be derived from the Monster Strike Anime and gives players in-game rewards.

How to Input the Code

#1 - Go to the More Section

#2 - Tap the blue tab that says アニメ / 解放の呪文

#3 - Insert the Code in the textbox and tap the green button

#4 - The reward will be given to you in the Admin Mail

Note: You can only input 10 Codes per day

Anime Codes

Each code has an expiry date. If you don't input the code within the date, you will get an Nexpie instead of what is listed.

Season 3 Codes

Codes expire after 2 weeks the Episode has been aired at 6:59pm JST

Episode Code Reward Expiry Date
#8 - What I must do, only I know. すすむべきみち x3 Morlyfe 12/9/2017
#7 - Target: Mana Anima まぼろし x1 Green Dragon Gem 12/2/2017
#6 - Lucy Vs Yomi めざめ x1 Divine Sharl 11/25/2017
#5 - Yomi, Assassin of the Underworld やみおち x1 Kaminohara Hyperboost Voucher 11/18/2017
#4 - Save Mana! The Decisions They Each Make さいせいのとう x3 Mormite X 11/11/2017
#3 - Mana's Hidden Truth Revealed やくそく x3 Morlyfe X 11/4/2017
#2 - An Overwhelming Gap in Strength! Miroku Stands in the Way いけにえ x1 Light Dragon Gem 10/28/2017
#1 - The Beginning of the End ぜったいぜつめい x1 Divine Sharl 10/21/2017
#0 - Bishamon Stream じゅうがつなのかじゅうくじ x2 Orb 10/19/2017

Season 2 Codes

Codes expire after 2 weeks the Episode has been aired at 6:59pm JST

Episode Code Reward Expiry Date
#23 - The Last Guardian しゅうまつのよげん x2 Orbs 9/16/2017
#22 - The Truth Behind Maso はるのたいよう x3 Mormite X 9/9/2017
#21 - Blackbeard's Plan へいわのねがい x1 Divine Sharl 9/2/2017
#20 - Killer Admiral Nevis しんはんにん x3 Light Maxpie 8/26/2017
#19 - Pirate Queen Awilda's Last Stand きゅうふん x3 Morlyfe X 8/19/2017
#18 - Tsukuyomi vs Tsukuyomi: 0 たいわんりょこう x3 Mormite X 8/12/2017
#17 - The Moon's Eternal Dreamer つめたいつき x3 Morquik X 8/5/2017
#16 - Hero of the Forest Robin Hood しょくたくのへいわ x3 Dark Maxpie 7/29/2017
#15 - Each of Their Feelings そらとうみのりゅう x3 Morlyfe X 7/22/2017
#14 - The Eternal Endless Cycle なつまつり x3 Light Maxpie 7/15/2017
#13 - The Great Seer Nostradamus つぎもみるだむす x1 Orb 7/8/2017
#12 - The King of Terror いだいなよげんしゃ x3 Blue Maxpie 7/1/2017
#11 - Even the Fortune Teller is Baffled! Where's the Energy Point? きょうふのだいおう x3 Mormite X 6/24/2017
#10 - The Singularity of All Creation こいのうらない x1 Divine Sharl 6/17/2017
#9 - A World With No Fighting かげろう x3 Green Maxpies 6/10/2017
#8 - CEO Madarame せかいへいわ x3 Morquik X 6/3/2017
#7 - The Beautiful Angel's Steamy Case File  うぃんうぃん x2 Dark Maxpie 5/27/2017
#6 - Holy Healing Hot Springs てんしのゆ x2 Morlyfe X 5/20/2017
#5 - Seventh Galaxy Explosion! おんせんりょこう x2 Mormite X 5/13/2017
#4 - Manly Men, Yakitori, and Adventure おとこぎ x2 Morquik X 5/6/2017
#3 - Walpurgis Night うちゅうかいぞく x3 Red Maxpie 4/29/2017
#2 - A Guardian to Vanquish Impurity まじょ x3 Red Maxpie 4/22/2017
#1 - That Transfer Student Is Elite?! ふんぬのしゅごしゃ x1 Orb 4/15/2017
#0 - The Long-Awaited Utopia てんこうせい x1 Orb 4/8/2017

Season 1 Codes

Codes have already expired, except the one with Oragon. Players will get a Nexpie for inserting the codes below.

Episode Code Reward Expiry Date
#51 - Strike Shot! An End and New Beginnings はじまりのばしょへ x2 Orb
#50 - Of Light and Flame かいほうのじゅもん x1 Orb
#49 - Karma, Light of War かみのほのお x3 Morlyfe X
#48 - Oraternative Memories さいごのとうしん x3 Light Maxpie
#47 - Ziggurat of Chaos おもいでのばしょ x2 Red Maxpie
#46 - The Descent of Angels おとり x1 Orb
#45 - World Ender Babel せんじょうのてんし x2 Dark Maxpie
#44 - An End to the Past うばわれたきおく x1 Kaminohara Hyperboost Voucher
#43 - An Offering to Orochi けんきゅうじょ x3 Morquik X
#42 - The Sun Sets on Orochi やくも x2 Green Maxpie
#41 - XFLAG Park だいじゃ x3 Morlyfe X
#40 - Gather in Kaminohara! ふっかつ x3 Mormite X
#39 - Akira and Haruma おうえん x1 Kaminohara Hyperboost Voucher
#38 - The Truth of K わかい x1 Dark Maxpie
x1 Light Maxpie
#37 - In Darkness, Ryoma もくてき x1 Orb
#36 - The Imprisoned Lily にせもの x3 Morlyfe X
#35 - Death's Embrace げんかく x2 Green Maxpie
#34 - Ryoma VS Lucifer だいさんのとうしん x1 Kaminohara Hyperboost Voucher
#33 - The Indomitable Dragon りべんじ x1 Red Dragon Gem
#32 - The Flock of Bahamut おれないこころ x1 Orb
#31 - Blade Versus Gun からす x2 Dark Maxpie
#30 - The Scarlet Shrine Maiden あくまか x3 Morlyfe X
#29 - Alice in a Mad Wonderland しっくすぱっく x3 Mormite X
#28 - Booya! Return to Shibuya はにわ x2 Red Maxpie
#27 - An Accidental Double Date ふしぎのくに x1 Orb
#26 - Assemble, Assault, and Assail もてすいっち x1 Kaminohara Hyperboost Voucher
#25 - Nirvana, Inferno of War じゃくてん x2 Green Maxpie
#24 - Melodious Snow Bow とうしんふたたび x3 Morlyfe X
#23 - Dark Usurper Zeus えいえんのちかあいどる x1 Orb
#22 - The Saber Amid the Blossoms きんにく x1 Kaminohara Hyperboost Voucher
#21 - Come One and All: MS Club ふかのうなどない x2 Blue Maxpie
#20 - From the Ring, Hope あざやかなさくら x1 Mormite King
#19 - Lucifer the Annihilator いしんのきせき x2 Red Maxpie
#18 - Where Art Thou, Haruma? おっくうなだてんし x2 Dark Maxpie
#17 - Pieces of Memories もでぃ x1 Kaminohara Hyperboost Voucher
#16 - Counter! A Strike Shot for the Ages! さいかいのしぶや x3 Morlyfe X
#15 - Beware the Warrior God けついのらいきり x1 Orb
#14 - Izanami しぶや x1 Divine Sharl
#13 - Impossible Task あらたなるてき x2 Blue Maxpie
しっこくのぜろ x1 Kaminohara Hyperboost Voucher
#12 - Ora-gone?! ちょうぜつ x3 Mormite X
#11 - Welcome, Minami! おらさまらんきんぐ x1 Orb
#10 - Shopfront Shocker おぱりお x1 Kaminohara Hyperboost Voucher
x1 Red Maxpie
x1 Blue Maxpie
x1 Green Maxpie
#9 - SOS! A Shocking Video?! ろき x1 Kaminohara Hyperboost Voucher
#8 - Evil Eye Minami てとらび x3 Morlyfe X
#7 - Operation Recruit Akira ぶらっくめたる x2 Dark Maxpie
#6 - The Glinting Blade みなみとふたご x1 Kaminohara Hyperboost Voucher
#5 - Mall Brawl かむいかいきん x1 Light Maxpie
#4 - A Night at the Colloseum ふくめんこうりん x3 Blue Sharls
おまえらさいこう x1 Orb
#3 - Aoi Mizusawa's Secret ばたふらい x1 Blue Maxpie
x3 Morlyfe X
#2 - Slingshot Away! Call Me Oragon! きょうりゅうおう x3 Mormite X
#1 - The First Strike! わんちゃんおらごん x1 ★5 Oragon
うるふ x1 Orb

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