New Event - Summer Faerie Series (Time TBA)


Asc Puck - Water ★6

Type: Speed
Sling: Pierce
Ability: Flight / Null Wind
Gauge: Null Damage Wall
SS: Dispels enemy laser barriers on contact for 3 turns
Bump: Cross Laser XL
Sub: Super Blast

Asc Titania - Light ★6

Type: Balanced
Sling: Bounce
Ability: Null Wind
Gauge: Null Warp
SS: Dizzies foes with speed and cancels projectiles for a set number of turns.
Bump: Defense Up
Sub: Fan Spread Shot 10

Asc Oberon - Dark ★6

Type: Blast
Sling: Bounce
Ability: Null Magic Circle / SS Reducer
Gauge: Null Warp
SS (16 Turns): Increases Speed and Strength and enables Counter Mode.
Bump: Rebound Shockwave 6
Sub: Spread Piercer XL2

Extreme Monsters - Operation Crab (Fire ★6) & Wheel King (Water ★6)


Lethal Monster - Lovely Dory (Light ★6)


New Colossal Monster - El Dorado

Time: 5/19 - 8:15pm - 10:15pm

New Transcension Monster - Red-Hood Red-Hood Nonno

Type: Blast
Sling: Bounce
Ability: Mine Sweeper XL / Null Wind
Gauge: -
SS (12+12 Turns): Increases Speed and Strength and moves to the location of the first contacted enemy.
Bump: Twin One-way Laser XL
Sub: All Enemy Meteor

Miscellaneous News

  • Guardians Hatcher will be on 5/13 - 5/16
  • XFLAG STORE will be opening on 5/26 in Toyko Japan

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