New Dream Sharl Event featuring Morticia


Quest Time: 4/14 12PM - 4/30 11:59AM
Hatcher Time: 4/14 12PM - 5/2 11:59AM

Angelia (Water 6*)

- Sling: Pierce
- Type: Speed
- Ability: Flight / Null Gravity Barrier
- SS: Unites teammates and fires a cross laser.
- Bump: Lock-on Rebound Laser L4

Nicholas (Wood 6*)

- Sling: Pierce
- Type: Power
- Ability: Etherean Slayer M
- Gauge: Null Block
- SS: Bashes the first contacted enemy and attacks with a laser.
- Bump: Lock-on Toxwave 6

Sosono (Dark 6*)

- Sling: Bounce
- Type: Balanced
- Ability: Null Damage Wall
- Gauge: Null Block
- SS: Passes through enemies while attacking.
- Bump: Homing Piercer 8

New Guardians Exclusive - Walpurgis (Fire 6*)


Screenshot-2017-04-06 15-06-08 result
- Sling: Pierce
- Type: Balanced
- Ability: Mine Sweeper / Laser Stop
- Gauge: Null Damage Wall
- SS: Delays enemy attacks on contact for 3 turns.
- Bump: Lock-all Shockwave 3


Screenshot-2017-04-06 15-08-30 result
- Sling: Bounce
- Type: Balanced
- Ability: Mine Sweeper / Super Null Warp
- SS: Increases Speed and Strength and deals big damage to the first class it hits.
- Bump: Chain Lightning
- Sub: Lock-on Poison Piercewave 3

Super Null Warp - Increases damage depending on the number of warps on the map

New Transcension - Kali

Screenshot-2017-04-06 15-13-50 result
- Sling: Bounce
- Type: Balanced
- Ability: Mine Sweeper L
- Gauge: Null Warp
- SS: Bashes the first contacted enemy and unleashes a Volatile Blast.
- Bump: Homing Destruction 8
- Sub: Speed Up

Miscellaneous News

- There will be a free PowerPro Queen Butterflight that will be given to players to commemorate the Power Pro Base Ball Collaboration
- Monster Strike Stadium will get a giant update on Monday 4/10 for this year's MS Grand Prix. There will be 3 new stages along with it
- Tower of Champions and Sealed Jades return on the 7th (same dungeons for both). There will be a SP Medal Item for Shambhala added which spawns a Sword item at the start of every Stage.

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