Monster Strike Million Lottery (4/12)


Time: 4/12 - 4/17


Tap the Cherry Blossom every day from 4/12 - 4/17. Each day will reset at 4AM JST.

- 1 Million Players will receive a prize
- Participation Prize is 2 Orbs
- Includes in-game prizes of a year's worth of Orbs and off-game prizes like cash

April Monster Sharl

YA38piBZ20161228 1a

Time: 03/30 - 04/28

Level 3: Genghis Khan
Level 4: Striker

New Series - Norse Gods 3


Time: 04/02 12PM - 04/14 11:59 JST

Hatcher Monsters

Asc Skuld (Fire 6*)


Type: Speed
Sling: Bounce
Ability: Flight / Status Recovery
Gauge: Null Warp
SS: Reveals all a boss's weak points on contact.
Bump: ATK Up
Sub: 8-way Laser S

Asc Urd (Water 6*)


Type: Power
Sling: Bounce
Ability: Weak Point Slayer
Gauge: Null Block
SS: Passes through enemies and reverts to bounce after touching a wall.
Bump: DEF Up
Sub: Super Blast

Evo Heimdall (Light 6*)


Type: Speed
Sling: Pierce
Ability: Null Gravity Barrier / Null Wind
SS: Dispels enemy gravity barriers on contact for a set number of turns.
Bump: Homing Pierce-struction 8

Farmable Monsters
Angrboða (Dark 6*) and Jotun (Wood 6*)


Lethal Monster
Ymir (Fire 6*)


Limited Missions


Time: 4/2 - 4/15

There are 10 Missions which will be unlocked daily (at 4AM). Defeating all missions will net 1 Special Sharl for a free roll in the hatcher as well as 9 Orbs.

Limited Descend - Haru (Fire 6*)


First Descend Time: 4/5 9PM - 11:59PM JST

She will be on rotation until 4/18.


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